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Apply for Your Visa

The United States provides a host of occupational and educational opportunities for foreigners. Our organization, PIE, assists students from China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and all around the world to prepare for this visa interview so they can attend school in the USA.

Prepare for Your Visa Interview

The affiliated schools we partner with offer I-20 visas, EB-5 investor visas and any visas available through Homeland Security that allow you to come to the United States for educational purposes. After interviewing with the United States' State Department, the process of receiving your visa will take approximately 3 months. If you do not obtain this visa the first time you apply, you can return to reapply at a later date.

To prepare for this interview, make sure to bring your school records and a copy of your birth certificate. A live interview is conducted to evaluate your proficiency in English. This interview is mandatory in order to be accepted into the schools and to obtain the I-20 visa from the US government.

No matter what education level you are in, we will find the perfect school for you. Our network of schools covers all grade levels, including K-12, Colleges, Universities, and Tech Schools.

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Make Yourself At Home

Once you arrive in the United States, our team provides you with airport shuttle services. We offer tours for you and your family so you can become familiar with the area. All students receive a host family to stay with while they are attending school.